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CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Osteopathy and Homeopathy

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Classical Homeopathy is a medical healing method that focuses on the human being in it is entirety and individuality. It was developed more than 200 years ago by the german physician Samuel Friedrich Hahnemann and is used all over the world. As a classical homeopath, I select one single homeopathic remedy specifically for you.
Homeopathic remedies are won from minerals, plants or animals.

Bellis perennis

When is homeopathy indicated?

 Samuel Hahnemann saw the cause of diseases in an “imbalance of the vital force”. Homeopathic remedies don´t just treat the disease or the symptom, but the person as a whole, consisting of the body, mind and soul.
The goal is always an increase of the vital force.

Therefore, homeopathy can be applied in every age.
The careful anamnesis is essential to select the most suitable remedy out of more than 5000 possible remedies, as well as the right dosage. Homeopathy is able to take influence on the regulation process. Therefore, it can be effective wherever a process is not functioning properly and can be regulated. Destroyed or missing structures cannot be replaced. However, the absence of those structures always results in disturbed regulations, which in turn can be influenced.

Especially in gynecology, homeopathy has proven to be particularly useful, since it is almost free of side effects and – if applied correctly! – can also be used safely und successfully during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Newborns also respond very well to homeopathic remedies.

Natrium muriaticum

The homeopathic anamnesis

During our first appointment, we will conduct a detailed initial interview lasting at least about 90 minutes.
In addition to your physical symptoms, this conversation also deals with your psychological and social condition, as well as your likes and dislikes. I want to get as familiar as possible with you, including all your traits and idiosyncrasies.
The better this works, the sooner the appropriate, most similar, healing remedy can be found.

Apis mellifica

Follow-up appointments

The frequency of the appointments depends on the type of illness and your condition. Regarding long-standing chronic diseases, the intervals are usually a few weeks, in the case of acute diseases a few days or even hours.

During the follow-up appointments we will closely monitor the disease progression and observe the reaction to the remedy taken.
This way we will narrow down the 5000 homeopathic remedies to the one most similar to you.

similia similibus curentur” (“likes are cured by likes”)



The picture on this page showcase examples from the nature, which are used to create homeopathic remedies:

Bellis perennis (daisy)
Natrium muriaticum (rock salt)
Apis mellifica (honey bee)

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