Dr. Irene Kratky, MD

CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Osteopathy and Homeopathy

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Cranio Stirnbein

CranioSacral Therapy is a manual method working with minimal pressure, which translates to a very deep effect. The main focus is on the connective tissue (fascial system) of the body. In particular on the craniosacral system with the poles of the cranium and the sacrum.


Visceral osteopathy is also a manual method, focusing on the mobility of the internal organs (viscera). This results in positive effects on the blood flow, nerve supply, lymph flow and therefore on the treated organ as well. The cardio-vascular therapy in particular can have very targeted positive effects on the individual organs.
My style of visceral therapy is very much influenced by my “cranio-roots” and thus my approach is very gentle. I always integrate aspects of visceral osteopathy into a treatment of CranioSacral Therapy.


The goal of this treatment is always tension release.
The subject is best determined during a conversation.
Afterwards you will get to relax on the treatment couch, you don´t have to take off your clothes. Depending on the treatment, I may ask you later to free up certain parts of your body.
At first, I´m going to assess your body in it is entirety. This way I can figure out, which techniques are best suited to start with.
The treatment itself takes about one hour, it can be cut short while treating children, depending on their age. Most of the time the therapy is perceived as pleasant, even though the issue rarely is.
It is important for me to reach a positive ending after the treatment, preferably with a laugh. John Upledger, the founder of CranioSacral Therapy once said:
“Always end with a joke!”.

Dr.Irene Kratky

After the treatments most patients feel very relaxed, maybe a little bit tired.
It is a good advice not to rush right afterwards or to sit at the computer for a long time…
Take at least one more hour of “start-up time”.

In most cases, the treatments are a few weeks apart.
Sometimes (especially with acute illnesses, pain and at the beginning of the treatment) it can be more effective to have weekly appointments.

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